THEVA is Picking Up Speed:
New Products, New Markets, New Design.

So far THEVA has been an experienced provider of coating technology and equipment engineering. Starting in 2015, we positioned ourselves in the market as a new manufacturer of high-performance, reliable superconductor wires. The company’s product line THEVA Pro-Line is aimed at clients in various sectors ranging from electrical engineering to magnet technology. The design also keeps pace with the new strategy: the company’s market image is clear, distinctive and modern, the website has been redesigned, and customer requirements have been structured accordingly.

A Focus on Customer Requirements:
Our New Superconductor Tapes.

Since the mid-1990s, THEVA has been standing for application-oriented technologies. With our new superconductor tapes, available from begin of 2015, we are focussing on requirements in the industry: manufacturers of cables, power electronics, power rails or industrial drives require reliable material that can be easily processed. We ensure this with our unique approach to superconductor production as well as our professional quality management. At the same time, our superconductor tape THEVA Pro-Line has the potential to replace copper conductors in high-performance applications. Its high power density opens up entirely new design perspectives for applications in electrical engineering as well as drive technology, magnet technology and manufacturing sectors.