THEVA starts cooperation with sales partner in China

Sales represenative for THEVA in China: SinoconFor a better presentation of HTS technology in foreign markets, THEVA cooperates with sales partners all over the world. Especially the Asian market is of high strategic importance. Therefore, we started a cooperation with Chinese Sinocon Superconducting Material Technology Co. Ltd. with headquarters in Zibo city, Shandong on 1st October, 2017. Further sales representatives are located in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the US.

VAA publishes special edition on superconductors
Electricity in the fast lane

In October, the Association of Employed Academics and Senior Executives in the Chemical Industry (VAA – Führungskräfte Chemie) published a special issue on superconductors. The author Timur Slapke shows how the interest of producers, investors and energy suppliers is growing. Another topic: How new opportunities are created by the transformation of the energy sector and electromobility. Interested? Then you can download the PDF here. The link to the e-book can be found here.

Dr Georg Bednorz made Honorary Member of ivSupra

A special moment at the Hannover Fair 2017: At the ivSupra pavilion, physics Nobel laureate Dr Georg Bednorz was made an honorary member of ivSupra. Dr Werner Prusseit, CEO of THEVA GmbH, presented him with the certificate of membership.
Inductee Dr Bednorz with the ivSupra board – Vice Presidents Dr Wolfgang Reiser and Dr Michael Bäcker, President Dr Werner Prusseit, left to right. More on this year’s Hannover Fair in the press release.


Visit us at EUCAS (European Conference On Applied Superconductivity) in Geneva from 17 to 21 September 2017.

Bavarian State Minister Ilse Aigner visits THEVA

aignerIn June 2016 it was time. THEVA closed the second financing round with investments totalling 6.4 million euros. On 9 November 2016 the investors, along with 60 other guests, took a look at the company’s superconductor development work on-site. As a special guest, CEO Dr. Werner Prusseit greeted State Minister Ilse Aigner, initiator of the Bavarian Growth Fund. Left to right: State Minister Ilse Aigner, THEVA CEO Dr. Werner Prusseit, Physics Nobel Laureate Dr. Johannes Georg Bednorz

A high-level visitor at the Week of the Environment in Berlin

160622_Foto_Gauck_IMG_2283From over 600 applicants, an independent jury commissioned by the Federal President chose ivSupra to be one of 190 exhibitors at the Week of the Environment in Berlin. The Federal President himself stopped by to take a look at what superconductors can do.

Left to right: Dr. Werner Prusseit, CEO THEVA, explains to Federal Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks and Federal President Joachim Gauck the performance advantages of superconductors over conventional copper cable.

Physics Nobel Laureate Dr. Georg Bednorz visits THEVA

THEVA_Bild2_englOn a visit to the facility, Dr. Georg Bednorz was able to see for himself how much progress has been made towards series production of superconductors. He expressed confidence “that a full market breakthrough, with all its benefits to industry and society, lies just ahead.” Find out more about his visit in the press release.

Left to right: Dr. Mechthild Wennemer Bednorz, THEVA CEO Dr. Werner Prusseit, Nobel laureate Dr. Johannes Georg Bednorz and THEVA CTO Dr. Jörg Handke

ivSupra at Week of the Environment at Schloss Bellevue

From over 600 applicants, an independent jury commissioned by the German President chose the ivSupra industry association to be one of 190 exhibitors. As a founding member, THEVA will actively support the exhibit. The reasons for the decision were the “quality, innovation and exemplary nature” of superconductor technology, and its high social, technical and economic implementation potential.

Hence, the ivSupra will be represented at the Week of the Environment which reiterates for the fifth time on June 7-8. The event at Schloss Bellevue in Berlin is a venue for forward-looking environmental projects, and is held by the German President in cooperation with the German Federal Environmental Foundation, one of the largest in Europe.

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