Innovative Strength and Quality for Your Success.

With around 20 years experience in coating technology and equipment engineering, THEVA stands for a unique approach in superconductor production.

We have invested over 10 years in research and testing phases, and in 2012, with Target Partners and the Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft, we brought powerful partners on board. We keep a constant eye on the specific requirements of the industry. Thanks to its high power density, our superconductor tape THEVA Pro-Line can replace copper conductors in high-performance applications and open up entirely new design perspectives. Manufacturers of cables, power electronics, industrial drives or power rails also need very reliable material that can be easily processed. We ensure that with our professional quality management. In parallel, we continue to offer high-end solutions in coating technology and equipment engineering.

THEVA was founded in 1996 and has around 60 employees today. Headquartered in Germany and with contacts in Asia, the USA, and Russia, the company has a global presence for its customers.