THEVA Pro-Line

THEVA Pro-Line:
High Power Density. Easy Processing. New Possibilities.

Efficiency has always been of paramount importance in electrical engineering – that applies in equal measure to applications in the power industry, propulsion and drives, magnet technology, and the manufacturing industry. In comparison with copper, our superconductor tape THEVA Pro-Line transports more than two hundred times the amount of current through the same cross-section with practically no power loss. That opens up completely new perspectives for the most diverse high-performance applications.
With our proprietary patented production technology and strict quality management, we meet the high demands of further processing – and set new standards in reliability at the same time. To enable tracability of superconductors installed in components, THEVA Pro-Line is thoroughly documented.

Here are data sheets of various THEVA Pro-Line wire types customized for different applications and loads.

TPL 1100
12 mm wide, mechanically robust, without electrical stabilizer

TPL 2100
12 mm wide with 100 micron single sided Cu-lamination,
mechanically very robust, strong electrical stabilization against overload

TPL 4100
12 mm wide with 20 micron hermetic surround Cu-sheath
mechanically robust, medium electrical stabilization against overload


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